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CA workshop at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Galina Bolden
Friday 9 March - Sunday 11 March 2018
The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

Associate Professor Galina Bolden, Rutgers University USA
Professor Alexa Hepburn, Rutgers University USA
Professor Jonathan Potter, Rutgers University USA 

This workshop will examine the organisation of turn taking, elements of transcription, and action sequencing in conversation. We will explore the turn taking system, including such topics as how speakers identify and orient to units of talk, how interlocutors project and coordinate speaker transition, and how to tell the difference between overlap and interruption. We will provide instruction on how to produce an accurate transcript that captures a broad range of vocal elements of speaker delivery. Additionally, we will explore how participants build courses of actions through adjacency pairs and examine aspects of preference organisation. 

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