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Tanya Stivers

Click here to visit Tanya's website.

Tanya Stivers is professor of sociology at UCLA. Her research involves the examination of basic structures of social interaction and how social interaction in the medical visit affects treatment outcomes. She is currently working on projects involving treatment recommendations in primary care, the presentation of genetic test results and question-response sequences among adults and among children. She was involved in the the creation of ISCA and served as the 2014 local organizing chair for ICCA.




Aug Nishizaka

Click here to visit Aug's website.
Aug Nishizaka is currently Professor of Sociology at Chiba University. Before this, he was Professor of Sociology at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo. He organized conversation analysis seminars at Meiji Gakuin Universtiy for years, inviting Gene Lerner, Gail Jefferson, Paul Drew and John Heritage as instructors. He has conducted studies on the organization of interactions in obstetric and gynechologyical, and other various settings. He has served as a Co-chair (with Kenneth Liberman) of the EMCA section of American Sociological Association since 2016.

Ana Cristina Ostermann

Click here to visit Ana's website.

Ana Cristina Ostermann is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at Unisinos (Brazil), and a National Research Fellow for the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. She has conducted conversation analytic research on the organization of talk-in-interaction in Brazilian Portuguese, mostly in institutional settings (helplines, hospitals, police stations, and courtroom). Currently she is also engaged with interactional linguistics research (including her participation in a multilingual project involving the use of ‘okay’). Another segment of Ana’s interest lies on the study of language, gender, and sexuality. In 2010-2012, she served as President for the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA).


Elwys de Stefani

here to visit Elwys's website.

Elwys De Stefani is an associate professor of Italian at the University of Leuven (Begium). He analyzes ordinary and institutional settings of interaction in French and Italian. His conversation analytic research focuses on the grammatical construction of turns-at-talk and on the embodied nature of interaction. His interests lie, moreover, in the study of social interaction between mobile participants, as well as in the analysis of how participants use material resources (objects, artefacts).

Anna Lindström

Click here to visit Anna's website.

Anna Lindström (PhD UCLA and Uppsala University) is professor of language and social interaction at the Department of Linguistics and Philology and vice dean of the Faculty Languages at Uppsala University. Lindström has conducted research on the organisation of talk-in-interaction in ordinary and institutional settings. Her current work focusses on antibiotic prescription in Swedish primary care, interactions between sellers and buyers at the farmers' market and discursive and embodied practices for indexing moral transgression in handicraft circles. 

Information Officer

       Saul Albert

Click here to visit Saul's website.

Saul Albert is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Psychology at Tufts University, and teaches EM/CA at Berklee College of Music. His research focuses on the intersection between psychology, cognitive science, and conversation analysis, and on practices of evaluation in everyday talk, in institutional settings, and in coupled bodily movement. He set up the EM/CA wiki in 2014, helped with ICCA 2018 publicity, and led the Conversational Rollercoaster project in 2016 to create a demo format for explaining CA at public science fairs.

Salla Kurhila

Click here to visit Salla's website.

Salla Kurhila is university lecturer of Finnish at the University of Helsinki. She has conducted conversation analytic research particularly on second language interaction. Her current research interests include language learning in interaction, both in professional work settings as well as "in the wild", multilingual interaction, and phenomena related to conversational repair.

Finance Officer

Galina Bolden

Click here to visit Galina's website.

Galina Bolden (PhD, UCLA) is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Rutgers University. She has conducted conversation analytic research on the organization of talk-in-interaction in English and Russian languages in ordinary and institutional settings, as well as on the organization of bilingual talk. She has served as the Information Officer for the ISCA for the last four years.

Jeff Robinson

here to visit Jeff's website.
Jeffrey D. Robinson (Ph.D., UCLA Sociology) is professor and chair of the department of Communication at Portland State University. His current work on basic structures of interaction focus on turn taking and repair. His two grant-funded projects examine how to increase child vaccination rates and how to reduce the inappropriate prescription of antibiotics. In addition to managing the budget for his academic department, he has previously chaired the divisions of Health Communication and Language and Social Interaction for the National Communication Association.